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verb; to suck, to be totally non-boxy, to salivate on, to be evil, hideous, really bad at soggy biscuit, or to have bad, mainstream musical taste.
1)Go suque on a wombat.

2)Your bands suque, man... You realize that Green Day®©™ is totally owned and operated by evil record company officials whose only goal in life is to rape and ravage all that could be described as music!? Eh?! I thought not.
by Some#1 September 05, 2006
proper noun: a nick name for boxy people

origin: the guy from a picture in a sex ed book depicting a young student becoming aroused while picking up a dropped piece of chalk
Some1: The Chalkman's boxiness never ceases to amaze me!

Some2: Me neither.

Some3: Excuse, who is this chalkman of which you speak?

Some1: Go suque on a fire-hydrant.
by Some#1 September 05, 2006

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