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A remix of a song, almost exclusively in the electronic dance music genre, in which the remixing DJ uses an entire song or samples from a song in a remix without the explicit permission of the original artist. This is however considered an acceptable practice as nearly all EDM DJs care more about the music than they care about the money. Having someone remix your song, bootleg or not, is typically a sign of great respect and appreciation.
Have you heard the Omnia bootleg remix of Orjan Nilsen's La Guitarra?

Hell yes, fucking CHOON!
by Solypsys March 18, 2009
"Who will watch the watchmen?" is a translation of the phrase "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" made famous by the Roman Poet Juvenal in his satires.

Contextually it referred to the notion that male guards should not guard women against sexual assault as they themselves are capable of committing such crimes, the only solution would be to have the women guarded by eunuchs.

Generally though it is considered the embodiment of the philosophical question as to where ultimate power should reside. It can be attributed as the basis, or at least the summarization, of the United States' concept of division of political power. At any given moment a watchman is watched by two watchmen thus eliminating the possibility of corruption.

The phrase is also well known as the basis for the graphic novel, and film, Watchmen.

Synonymous phrases include:
Who will guard the guards?
Who will protect the protectors?
Who will police the police?
"Privacy is a farce, if you have done nothing wrong then you have nothing to hide. Surveillance is the only way to assure that no crime goes unpunished."

"But who will watch the watchmen? Themselves?"
by Solypsys March 19, 2009
1. A significant change to a song while still preserving its original melody, a small change is called an edit. Remixes are very frequently performed in the EDM genre to the point where they are almost expected of any decent song. In the EDM genre remixes can be performed by the original artist, a permitted artist, or as a bootleg remix. Presently, remixing has become popular with rap/hip-hop as well though it is done quite ineffectively. Remixes performed by secondary artists on EDM music are generally considered a sign of great respect and appreciation whereas secondary artist remixes in rap are considered mockery or theft (because we all know that music is an industry, not an art medium)

2. Generally, any alteration to an existing object.

3. The act of making a remix.
1a. Have you heard the Mark Norman remix of Sasha's Xpander? It really brings a modern sound to a great classic.

1b. The court case G-thugg v. Yung Jackass was settled earlier this afternoon in which Yung Jackass was sentenced to pay G-thugg $2 million, the amount of money that Yung Jackass made off of his remix of G-thugg's song "Spinner booty in the club while gangbanging in the hood. Chevy Avalanche."

2. Have you played Midnight Club: L.A. Remix?

3. DJ Tatana plans to remix AVB's Shivers sometime next week.
by Solypsys March 18, 2009
The sociopolitical theory that states that a lack of a central governing body will be immediately replaced, like air rushing into a vacuum.
The Venus Project is insidiously fictitious, not only because it believes technologies exist that do not but it would also create a power vacuum thus making it impossible for a society to exist without a governing body. Would you rather that interim governing body exist as a structured democratic entity or as a militant warlord risen to power due to controlling a vital commodity?
by Solypsys March 19, 2009
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