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The captain of the Jewish gold reserves. Commonly seen stealing money from unsuspecting customers and insider trading. Rides a magic sleigh. Wears red robes and winter gear. Delivers presents. Is not Santa Claus.
(sees captain jew gold)
Jewish boy: Look it's santa!
(gets hit by rabbi)
Jewish boy: I mean, look it's captain jew gold!
by Solid Snail October 12, 2013
The semi-autonomous act of the penis giggling. It is mostly felt when laughing at some stupid ass barney shit when getting wet.
Fuck mman, imma bout to gigglewiggle.
by Solid Snail October 12, 2013
A sexual act in which you are banging a chick from behind and as you are about to climax you zip your pants up so your dick is stuck between the zipper's teeth at which point you are fused to the girl's vagina.
Like lovebugs they zipdoodled around the parking lot.
by Solid Snail October 12, 2013
Stuffing a Christmas tree shaped dildo into a virgin and making her bleed over it.
Billy gave his friend Nartha a red christmas tree.
by Solid Snail October 17, 2013

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