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1 definition by Soldiermorph

A war happened in 1943-1945

Pre-world war two in 1939 active by germany and japan movement in acquiring territorial.

The coolest war of all time.

The most famous ww2 story is the D-DAY; airborne 101st normandie, The beach landing and the french resistance with beautiful SOE spies and SS doctrine. Hitler is the most famous person in WW2, 2nd place with 4 candidates is; romeld,patton,Churchill, tom hank, and easy company.
Tom and Jerry was about to fight when Tom said, "Jerry, where do you get your lunch meal from?" "From your Uncle Sam!" and launch a flying balloon at Tommy head, provoking Tom to cried and call uncle sam to help. Uncle Sam told Tom to play nice or he will come back and woopaaasssz Tom behind, later at dinner time, Tom and Jerry being neighbor come out and play. Tom beats Jerry in marble and took all of it. Jerry was about to left when his other neighbor Stalin from a difference town school came out and was challenge by Tom to conquer his marble. Uncle Sam came out with a lot more marble. Uncle Sam side Jerry and help Stalin to play against Tom who now seem be losing his marble. Soon Tom had no marble left and Tom cried. That end the world war 2.
by Soldiermorph October 05, 2010
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