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A gooey, soft, yet not liquid excretion from one's anal region. Usually caused by excessive caffeine or cigarette consumption (or a combination of both.) Can consist of particulate matter or be purely velvet in texture.

A true soft launch should not cause pain such as with diarrhea.
Hey guys, We have to go. I farted but it turns out I soft launched. I need to change my clothes.
#diarrhea #feces #pooping #coffee #cigarettes #poop #soft #poo goo #happy accident
by SoftLaunchingMissiles August 05, 2009
The act of a male pressing against a counter, which is of course at a strategic height so as to pronounce his penile unit through his pants, preferably sweat pants or other drapey garment. (i.e. athletic shorts, acrylic, nylon, etc.)
Oh my god, Emily, did you see that last custie? He had CounterCock for DAYS! You KNOW he was smuggling a venti down there!!!
#retail #customer service #cock #penis #cafe #unit #junk #sweatpants #shorts
by SoftLaunchingMissiles August 05, 2009
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