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A right of passage by the Yale men's Varsity Soccer team, to ascertain the courage, determination, and perseverance of perspective incoming players.

How it is performed:
1. Every individual partaking in the "BL Challenge" (pronounced "shallanj") must fill a solo cup (at least 16 ounces) to the brim with beer (whatever happens to be in the keg, no necessarily BL)
2. Players must then take their place around the main floor pong table in Sigma Nu (37 High Street New Haven CT).
3. On the count of 3 all members wail out the battle cry of "SHAAALLLAAANNNJJ" before downing the entire cup as fast as they possibly can, the loser is then formally known as the bitch of the team.

The loser of the inaugural BL challenge (performed on Monday April 19 2010) was the player formerly known as "Fogal".

"Boys this weekend is about being ambassadors for the program, its not about seeing how much Bud Light these guys can drink. It's not the time to take the Bud Light Challenge."
by Soft-Serve April 24, 2010

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