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A greebo used to be a hells angel without a motor bike. Someone who didnt wash, long greesy hair and would always been seen in the same set of clothes. You can hear this word be chanted in high school grounds or out around your local town. It will be shouted with a short gr-and an expanteding e- eding with bow.
greeeeeebo. which then is usually follwed by
Chavv scum.
A greebo is a word commly used by chavs for people who arnt chav. It is mostly used for; emos,goths,scence kids and grungers. This word is used Beuacse they cant tell the diffrence and have nothing better to do with there sad little lives.
by Social Reject June 03, 2007
A social reject should not be confused with a social outcast* A social reject is a person who is rejected by by people who arnt social rejects, but are excepted by other Rejects.

* see social outcast
It would be uncool to be seen talking to a social reject, for then you would not be rejecting them.
by Social Reject June 03, 2007

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