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These are chicks with fake everything from their head down to their toes. It usually starts with huge fake tits, oversize lips follows by bleach blond (or sometime red) hair and fake tan. Typical gold diggers that somehow always ended up with broke ass boyfriend rather than rich old guy. They ranges from 20s somethings all the way to 40s something. You can always spot them around Rodeo Drive or around Santa Monica Promenade.
Check out that Socal Barbie with the rich old dude in the Bentley.
by Socal Native August 07, 2011
The common behaviors that often associated with fat girls; however, sometime also occur in fat guys. Some of the behaviors are retarded remark or opinion that nobody cares about, spacing out, moody, and weird annoying laugh when they're alone or without any reason.

Also when a skinny chick thinks that she's fat and starts complaining about her weight and acting all crazy and retarded to the point that you just want to smack her.
Did your girl hung out with her fat ass co-worker again? She's showing sign of fat chick syndrome and it's annoy the shit out of me. You need to get her to stay away from that crazy fat bitch.
by Socal Native August 07, 2011
A California State University in Northridge that pumps out extremely low quality engineers to government workforce. The engineering school is known for hiring low quality engineering professors, whom care more about spending their time fighting the CSU for higher salary than focusing on improving their teaching materials. Engineering students are generally guaranteed 3.+ GPA (equivalent to 1.0 from UC system) coming out of that school, if they don't drop out by their 2nd or 3rd years.
Stacy: Excuse me Professor T., now that I graduated from CSUN with an engineering degree. Can you recommend me some company where I can make decent living?

Prof T: Apply for a government job. Most of our students tend to do well there. I hear that they don't interview. If you can breath, you're guarantee a job.

Stacy: Ok. I'll apply there and will pass this on to my other CSUN friends.
by Socal Native August 03, 2011
Short for California State University for Lazy Bonehead or Loose Bitches. This is another commuter school that accepts any bonehead that wants a college degree. Any high school surfers that are too dumb to get into UC Santa Barbara or UC San Diego can always count on CSULB. The cost of what CSULB alumni called education is cheap, and the girls are definitely hot.
blondie 1: Yo girl! U got accepted to LB State?
blondie 2: Yeah. I can't wait for CSULB fall semester to start.
blondie 1: My boyfriend said LB State stands for loose bitches state? Have you heard that?
blondie 2: Your boyfriend's a lazy bonehead that also goes to LB State.
by Socal Native August 07, 2011
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