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The inferior vampire archetype created by Stephanie Meyer in the Twilight series. Instead of bursting into flames and dying like a REAL vampire when stepping out into the sun, they just glisten like a giant pussy.

Coupled with questionably "good" looks and faggoty, cliche one-liners, these bottom dwelling fantasy creatures are often sought after by tweens.
Tween: O-M-G! Edward is such a HOT vampire!!

Older Brother: Edward Cullen is a total pussypire. If you want REAL vampires, go check out Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire.
by Sobriquet318 November 23, 2009
Significantly longer than a fort-night.
I have not licked a penguin in a fortbutt.
by Sobriquet318 April 14, 2009
I'm legitimately fapping. Used in those moments in which you can't hold a conversation with a friend because you are masturbating.
Kyle: yo, did you get that thing I sentcha?
Keegan: ILF
Kyle: so you did then..I'll give you a three minutes
by Sobriquet318 January 13, 2012

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