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An annoying kid usually found in the back of an English class. He exists primarily to "attempt" to make friends and give EVERYONE he sees gum. This may not always be the case, but most Putnam's are so. Putnam's usually wear expensive clothing and can usually found browsing Hollister, or American Eagle for the newest "trend" for them to set, yet no one really even likes it on him, because yes, he is a Putnam. Putnam's preferably have EXCRUCIATINGLY high pitched voices that can't be heard by the human ear. A translator is usually summoned when a Putnam is talking to the surrounding classmates. Therefore being a Putnam is NOT a desirable trait, and is commonly avoided.
Man that guy back there seems a bit like a Putnam...What is he even SAYING?!?!
by SoItSeems January 30, 2009
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