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2 definitions by SoB0410

Adjacent to Lot N (and often synonymous with it) at the Sports Complex in South Philly, the Jetro Lot is the location of a number of larger tailgates for events at the complex. These tailgates also tend to turn into some of the rowdiest at any event. In other words this lot is friggin sweet!
Normal Fan: Hey man, where you tailgatin before the Eagles game?

Crazed Fan: Jetro Lot!
by SoB0410 May 16, 2010
The reddish colored tan one gets while tailgating in the Jetro Lot, or just while tailgating in general. Sometimes painful, may lead to cancer, and somewhat preventable via sunblock.
Person A: Hey man, that sunburn looks nasty

Person B: What sunburn? This is just my Jetro tan...

Person A: ...
by SoB0410 May 16, 2010