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a crappy band that came from the 1960's
1)DEAN: hey ben you listen to Shawodywody last night
BEN: yeh they totaly suck
2) do you like the music of shawodywody
#music #crap #ben #emos #fogies
by So.Lickme October 10, 2007
Deffinitly not a cat
or the chavish way "what up dogggggg" URRR cringe

Ben: Dude whats that? (pointing)
Dean: Well its not a cat

#notacat #animal #puppy #ben #doggystlye
by So.Lickme October 10, 2007
1) Cant decline a rock off chanllenge
2) Cant hug people in sexual context
3) Never break a promise
4) Cant be sick and/or perverted
5) Cant act in a sexuall manner
6) cant eat human flesh
hey i live by the demon code
totaly auesum Man
#demon #code #love #hate #dead
by So.Lickme October 10, 2007
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