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Springboro High School is located in Springboro, a city south of Dayton, Ohio, where all the rich people live. Springboro has 3 country clubs and neighborhoods filled with million dollar homes. Springboro High School is ranked 7th for the wealthiest school in the state of Ohio. Many other schools in Ohio hate Springboro High School for the wealthy snobs that go there. Turn 16, get a car. The student parking lot boasts nicer cars than the faculty parking lot. There is no surprise to see students driving BMW’s, Porches, and Hummers. The guys in Springboro that buckle there pants below there butt think they’re from “da hood.” The jocks wear basketball shorts with their boxers showing, and baseball caps. They spray Axe and Abercrombie and Fitch cologne like it's there job. Abercrombie and Fitch is the official school uniform for both boys and girls. You’ll find almost every single girl wearing “Birks” (Birkenstocks) with skin tight jeans or skinny jeans with pointy black heels. You could probably see the skinniest girls with love-handles. They also own the newest designer bags, shoes, clothing, and accessories. Their hair is fried from straightening or curling their hair too much. The girls wear their boyfriend’s football jerseys. The teen hang out is "BDubs" (BW3s.) Nickname for SHS is “Candy land” which explains why there are drug sniffing dogs prowling the student lockers and cars at any time of the year. Students that go to SHS have a unique accent. The other schools say it's "hillbilly." They pronounce there O's like ao.
The Springboro Accent sounds like: Aoh...my...god Sprinborao High School is aonly the best school ever!

Springboro High School is filled with snobs that don't give a darn what people think of them.
by SnowflakesOnEyelashes November 02, 2006
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