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A derogatory term used by season pass holders and locals to refer to the poor management an of Kirkwood ski resort.
Examples of the K-Factor: referring to chair 10 as 'one of North America's MARQUEE chair lifts', Bubs restaurant turning away people on Xmas eve lunch because the kitchen was backed up although there were a number of empty tables, K-Factor refers to the legendary tree-well measurements used for the snow phone (why would a resort that gets so much snow need to lie about snow totals?), K-Factor refers to the conflicts between what lifts are shown as running on the snow report and reality, K-Factor refers to the snow report stating that there are light winds when in fact your lifts are on wind hold, K-Factor refers to the complete lack of control of lift lines when chair 6 opens on a powder day, K-Factor refers to having the Timber Creek quad continue to run over a skier who had fallen off the lift until the folks in lift line alerted the lift operator, K-Factor refers to selling only 24 ounce beers on the backside last season and thinking that having drunk skiers is a good idea.
by SnowSnob December 21, 2008
Not Working From Home
When your boss claims to be 'working from home' but is either not online or pretending to work from a mobile phone.

"Hey, where's our boss?"
"She's NWFH again"
by SnowSnob August 02, 2012

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