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A master on the ski slopes who can tackle any terrain or opponent. Double black diamonds are no match for his prowess. He usually skies with little or no regard for the ski patrol and other snowbitches he encounters on the slopes.
Man, did you see Billy on the slopes today. That guy has to be the greatest snowpimp of all times.
by SnowPimp May 03, 2009
A person on the ski slopes who has no business being there. A person with little or limited skiing experience who is trying to show off. A person skiing on a slope too advanced for them. A person who needs to stick to the bunny slopes. Complete opposite of a SnowPimp.
Hey dude, did you see that asshole just go by on those bitch blades. He has to be the biggest snowbitch that I've ever seen.
by SnowPimp May 04, 2009
Female natives of the South Lake Tahoe area who enjoys having sexual relations with ski bums and instructors. Also a recent emigrant to the area who enjoys same.
Hey dude! Karen is the best Tahoe yet, she gives great head on the chair lift. Don't you just love these Tahoes?
by SnowPimp May 03, 2009
Any skis or ski boards having a total length of 100 cm or less with non-releasable bindings. They are generally used by very inexperienced skiers and and are extremely dangerous.
When bitch blades are used by extreme skiers such as snowpimps, the results are entirely different. The inexperienced {bitchblader] can not usually compete against other skiers, however, while in the control of the snowpimp, bitchblades become a formidable weapon.
Wow! I can't believe Andrew just got his ass kicked by that bitchblader. He went out and paid fourteen hundred bucks for those awesome big boy skies and that SnowPimp wearing hundred fifty dollar bitch blades just cleaned his clock down that double black run.
by SnowPimp May 05, 2009

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