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2 definitions by SnowBunzzz

The art of collecting friends on your blogging site with no intention of ever viewing there pages.
Man, She has over 200 friends on her list! She is DEFINITELY a FRIEND COLLECTOR!
by SnowBunzzz March 24, 2007
The fleeting feeling on not knowing what certain foods or ingredients or even certain things are even though everyone in the whole entire freaking world knows except you.

Not to be confused with the word "RETARD", because even though the word "RETARD" has several meanings, there is going to be that ONE PERSON who thinks you are talking about a "severely mentally challenged person" even though you're not and even though the medical clinical word for "severely mentally challenged person"(or "special needs" or "highly functioning special needs") is ACTUALLY "Mentally Retarded"

Lest us not forget that everyone in the whole freaking world knows that the word "RETARD" even when used to mean something else sends you to a special level of hell where you are beaten with Twizzlers on an hourly basis.

Also everyone knows that the word "retard" is the most worse possible cuss word in the English language, much worse than F*CK, way way much worse that the "N-WORD"
My Gawd, you don't know the difference between a tornado and a hurricaine? You sure are a ROBOTARD!
by SNOWBUNZZZ June 02, 2011