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A sniper in the chicago land area with lethal and deadly skills with a sniper rifle. With his combonation of speed and accuaracy, nobody can escape his wrath.

He is also can use "shit bullets" so watch out...

He is in a secret underground organization called The Vigilantes
Car Jacker:Now that I stole this car, and I am at least 500 miles away, the cops will never catch me! HAHAHAHAHAH-*shot in the back of the head, dies*

Sniper X has struck again.
by Sniper X June 28, 2006
The special source of weaponary used by Sniper X. They are designed so that they can be compressed into a bullet shell and loaded into the Sniper Rifle of Sniper X.

These bullets are very large and made out of the real shit of Sniper X. When all else fails, you break out the shit bullets.
"There is no way one sniper will get all 23 of us!"

*shit bullets all 23 of them*

"never mind... *dies*"
by Sniper X June 28, 2006
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