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A boy or girl in the adolescent stage where their IQ is high and their social level low. They often refuse to conform, have many geek friends and are strong in numbers (beware!)
They are very underappreciated and are the leading buyers of pocket protectors nationwide.
The cheerleader's fall:
Mary Jane: "What's that large black line on the horizon beyond the football feild?"
Sally Sue: "Oh dear Mary Jane! We don't have time to throw up today! there is a flock of nerds in a large group seeking revenge! Beware!"
by Snickers McPhee October 03, 2008
The defense of someone too mentally-retarded to defend his or her own honor.

A person with taste in their same gender, and such people do NOT appreciate this word (typically).

A bundle of sticks.
Joe : You sir have the intelligence of an unriped tomato!
Bob: Faggot!

Johnny: Ooh look at that boy's candy pack!
Mary: What a faggot you are, Johnny!

Alison: Ouch! I just skinned my knee after tripping over this inconveniently placed faggot!
by Snickers McPhee October 03, 2008
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