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A splice of the English 'boring' and 'boor.' This delightful wordplay, suggests the combination of extreme boredom and a kind of passive rudeness that is so contemptuous as to make one wish to vomit. Syn: passe ennui.
That post-Lacanian treatise on Freud's top-left underwear drawer was so 'booring' as to make me vomit.
by snellite September 12, 2009
A hypercorrect false Latin plural of 'barista.' Typically ironic, indicates blanket disdain for all baristas of the pseudo-intellectual breed.
1. Baristae are the worst of the hipster lot.

2. Yeah, to look cool, the baristae at Sam's Cafe on 42nd were reading Ovid in the original Greek.
by snellite February 07, 2013
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