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Similar to a bender of many sorts (alcohol, coke, life, etc), a manbender describes the life of a single lady out to enjoy herself and meet guys with a non-committal attitude. She is not looking for love or marriage, just to have a good time and add men to the 'rotation'. This might involve banging, kissing, grinding up on the D-floor, or all of the above. "Just get'r done and on to the next one!"
Katie: I've been on a huge manbender this month, I was supposed to meet up with Mike last night but then I met this guy Derek and shit got real. Steve was texting me all night too, but I'm over him...and then there's Brad who wants to go for drinks but I madeout with his friend John two weeks ago so..."

Lauren: Damn girl, I respek that. I had to take Jay out of the rotation because he became too needy.

by Sneaky_P February 17, 2011

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