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Hotness thats just unbearable you cant take it. Just so hot, its rediculous, its like havin a hot bag full of dicks.
Man, that new song with T-Pain and Shaquille O'Neal is Hotter Than A Dog With Forty Dicks That Freshly Fucked A Fox In A Forest Fire, aint it?
by Snead Mcruther January 20, 2008
The first word that comes up when trying to spell "Dicksucker" when using T9word, on verizon wireless.
Me: Man your such a dialstaker for that one.
Them: What the hell is a Dialstaker?
Me: Oh my fault, I forgot to scroll through the different words, it was supposed to be Dicksucker.
Them: Oh.
by Snead Mcruther February 20, 2008
Stackin Paper... Making Money... Grindin for Bread.... Gettin Dough
Some people call it stackin papah, I call it money laundry
by Snead Mcruther May 26, 2008

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