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Beretta Bite is the wound suffered when the shooter wraps the support hand over the shooting hand where the slide will recoil and take two chunks of flesh out of the higher thumb (one for each slide track). It may be simply painful up to being bloody and requiring stitches to close up the wound.
He got a Beretta bite on his first day qualifying at the range.
by Snap-Tite April 13, 2011
1. Wide flat extension of the frame of a semi-auto handgun designed to prevent the web of the hand from getting caught in the slide during recoil.

2. Wide flat tail of a cargo aircraft, especially the Lockheed C-130 Hercules caused by designing streamlining behind a large cargo ramp and door.
1. She didn't like that pistol because the beavertail was too small and she tore open her hand.

2. The loading crew watched to make sure the forklift didn't bang the crate into the beavertail as it maneuvered to the ramp.
by Snap-Tite April 13, 2011
Hammer Bite is the pinch suffered when the web of the shooting hand is caught between the hammer and beavertail safety during recoil of Colt (original Government Model) 1911 .45 caliber pistols. Similar to Beretta Bite but specific to guns which can pinch between hammer and another portion of the gun
Jimmy thought he would impress his friends with his Daddy's gun at the range but everyone laughed when he dropped it after suffering a hammer bite.
by Snap-Tite April 13, 2011

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