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1 definition by SnakeMan24

A bit that Los Angeles radio host Rick Dees used to do where he would have a dog predict what sports team would win in an upcoming game (such as the Super Bowl) by giving him two bowls of kibble to choose from. Whichever bowl the dog ate from supposedly represented the team that would win. The name was a combination of "hound" (a kind of dog) and "Houdini" (as in Harry Houdini, 1874-1926), which was stupid since Houdini was an escape artist, not a psychic. Another L.A. radio host, Adam Carolla, did a similar bit with his dog on his morning show (2006-2009), thought of course he didn't call it Houndini.
Person A: "Man, that Adam Carolla had a hell of a nerve ripping off the great Rick Dees's Houndini bit!"
Person B: "Who the hell is Rick Dees?"
by SnakeMan24 July 05, 2009