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Celestial taro is a colloquialism in the region of Katoomba .It refers to mentally unwell faux psychic females who believe ,sadly due the long term cerebral effects of morbid obesity and self imposed isolation clouding the neural pathways of their brain,that ANGELS are talking to them and instructing them to avoid persons supposedly inhabited by Satan.
The unfortunate persons believed to be inhabited by Satan are in reality just much more interesting ,evolved and intelligent people than the infected faux psychic, thus creating an uncomfortable scenario for the normal citizen.....celestial taros can be found easily for they exhibit knome statues and possess dream catchers,wind chimes and all manner of spiritual kitsch.avoid at all costs!
" that celestial taro appears to have purchased a new crate of garden knomes and fairy lights to illuminate her otherwise man less and pathetic existence.how nice."
by Smuggoth June 22, 2012
Evotically : a colloquialism from the region of The central tablelands .Meaning the act of hedonistic multi tasking .For instance ,eating ,procreating,drinking to excess all at the same time and in large quantities whilst filming the whole thing on webcam...
" wow that over eaters anonymous video we made went off !clearly finding the right candidates who could perform Evotically enough was the key ,hedonistic alcoholic big gals galore! Good job Barry there's a Xmas bonus in it for you what a stellar orgy of sin.."
by Smuggoth March 04, 2013
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