2 definitions by Smop

1. A machine which massages the body
2. A large black man from the hilarious dubbed GI Joe PSA's
3. A rock band from Anchorage, Alaska
Kid 1: "Oh man, check out that thing, man."
Kid 2: "Whaddaya wanna do with it?"
Kid 1: "Let's launch over it!"
(A Jeep pulls up)
G.I. Joe: "Who wants a body massage?" *hums to himself*
Kid 2: "Uh, what did he just say to us?"
G.I. Joe: "Oooh... Mr. Body Massage Machine GO!"
Kid 2: "Uhhhhhh... what the Hell?"
G.I. Joe: "Body massage."
by Smop December 10, 2005
verb, to suck one's one phallus

etymology: derived from the phrase "sucking my own penis," smopping describes the act of self-fellatio in males
person 1: What are you doing in there? Are you masturbating?
person 2: No, I'm smopping! Sucking my own penis.
by Smop December 10, 2005

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