5 definitions by Smoothal

double u tee eff=wtf?
"You suck dude"
"Double u tee eff?"
by Smoothal April 25, 2005
Having been punched in the face.
"That guy just got knocked off his block!"
by Smoothal April 13, 2005
When you staple a paper or anything else for that matter but you do it backwards so that the sharp ends are facing you.
The stapler is facing the opposite way.
by Smoothal April 25, 2005
A combination of the words rofl, lmfao, and omfg. Can be used when something is incredibly funny.
1337 player:"That guy just got shot 10 times with my pistol and thought his team was killing him!"

Other 1337 player:"Roflmfaomfg!"
by Smoothal April 15, 2005
A variation from lol or lollerskates . Can be used as a frozen lol if wanted.
"Dude that guy just tripped and fell on his face!"

by Smoothal April 15, 2005

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