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2 definitions by SmokeCrackBlunts

A well known type of marijuana originating from Southern Cali

This strain of marijuana is INDICA DOMINATE, NOT SATIVA. The strain is so well known, that half the time dealers just call their shit "OG Kush" to get more money, when it's really just some dry ass cambo.

OG Kush stands for OCEAN GROWN Kush. Not "Original" Kush. Not "Original Gangsta" Kush. Not "Oregon Gold" kush.
Me: "Yo pack another bowl of that OG Kush"
by SmokeCrackBlunts June 13, 2010
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Word Used to Describe dry, shitty, Cambodian marijuana.
Idiot: "Yo I just picked up some OG Kush"

Me: "No you didn't that just looks like some dry ass cambo..."

Me: "How much did you spend"

Idiot: "$80 for an quarter"

Me: "Idiot..."
by SmokeCrackBlunts June 13, 2010
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