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An awful race of people who claim to be the 'friendliest people in Britain'. I assure you they are not. An example would be to pay a visit to the drinking establishments after 10pm where you are guaranteed see semi-naked, truly foul mouthed 'women' being pawed by equally foul mouthed Neanderthals. Same drunken Cro-Magnon male will stick a broken pint glass in your face as soon as look at you whilst shouting 'SHEARER! SHEARER!" and his mates are sticking the boot into you. Not saying this wouldn't happen anywhere else in Britain, but these excuses for humanity are the worst
Man in pub: Whoops sorry mate I've knocked your pint and it's spilt a little bit..I'll get you another"
Geordie:Ya Fuckin cockney bastard, am gonna fuckin knack ye (proceeds to force pint pot into mans mouth"
Geordies Girlfriend: Gan on kidda, knack the cunt!"
by Smogtastic November 13, 2006

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