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(v.)To proceed in a theoretically linear path towards and backwards to or between the beginning and end of time. Although an enchanting fantasy for many, there are lots of errors and preventions that are part of time travel. I, for instance, believe it may be possible but too dangerous to do. If we do only have a single universal timeline, time travel would have resounding effects and we would only become meaningless "events" in any change caused to it. Bah, enough sci-talk, the point is: it's the action of moving thru time.
I constructed a time portal in which upon entering today, I time travelled to last Monday and saw myself eating a slice o' pizza. (Unfortunately, I was trapped in a catch-22; how can I escape back to my time without upsetting it?)
by Smkngmgc June 13, 2004
(Central Intelligence Agency). An organization designed to report international secrets, foreign time bombs, counterespionage and covert operations (here and overseas). Many suspect they are involved in clandestine conspiraces ranging from UFO's to 9/11. (Who's to know? Tenet'll tell you.) They are often thought of as akin to the FBI; though they may have external differences, the CIA~FBI mission relationship does exist similarly regulation-wise with the purpose of national security.
An agent: a trenchcoat with a pocket watch. Usu. seen with manila folders, Italian-tailored shoes and tinted windowed cars. An example of the organization would be Britain's MI6, Israel's Mossad, Russia's FSB/Soviet's KGB.
by Smkngmgc June 13, 2004
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