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Waking a Polack up in the morning by spraying your load in their face. Derived from the Polish tradition of Smingus Dingus where Poles throw water in each other's faces to wake each other up on Polish New Year and shout "Smingus Dingus".
Alina drank so much vodka last night she passed out. I tried to wake her up nicely in the morning for a rogering but she was out cold so I just had to Schlongus Dongus in her face. That woke her up.
by Smingus Dingus May 26, 2010
A Polish person on a diet. Derogatory. Derived from the Polish form of "Atkins", from the popular diet.
Did you hear Marek's on a diet - no potatoes, rice or bread!" "What sort of self-respecting man goes on a diet?" "Yeah. What an Atkynski.
by Smingus Dingus October 25, 2010

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