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Alabama is a beautiful state, despite what you may have heard. The people are extremely nice, until you get to know them. Most people have Southern accents, they get thicker as you go further south. Intelligent people live there, but they are few and far between. The girls are pretty, but wear three pounds of make-up on their face so who knows what they really look like. Most people in Alabama are racist, whether they will admit it or not. People in the south in general are ignorant to the fact that not everyone from the North is a Yankee. Football is loved by all people, but rivalries are WAY to strong. People are very judgmental and talk about people behind their backs. The food is good, as long as you avoid fast food. I don't think we ever went to a fast food place and got exactly what we ordered. The state is full of very caring people, if only they cared about someone other than themselves for a change. Not a soul is caught dead on a Sunday morning anywhere but church. As for school systems, they need work, BAD. People don't accept ideas that don't match their own. Alabama is not full of rednecks like you might think, they are actually full of people who wear expensive clothes and have expensive things and are really shallow and just want people to think they are loaded. I lived in Alabama for many years, and when my friends and I got bored, the most fun thing we could think of was to go to Wal-mart, and you thought you lived in a boring state..
"You damn Yankees come down here and try to change everything."-The neighbor of a guy from the North who was re-doing the landscaping in his yard in Alabama
by SmileyVampire March 14, 2011

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