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Ever seen a game where cheater, hackers, spammers are rewarded? Decent players who work hard for their levels get hacked/key logged? A game where every second guy is either a beggar or raciest? And admins which reward hackers and released the jailed player in hours?
Welcome to endless online.
The password recovery won't ever work and if you lost your account, then forget about it. Don't even bother to make a post in support section, you'll probably get flamed. Save time and delete your character now rather then crying and making random posts at forums later.
The yeah i only positive thing about this game was forums. These guys rocks so much, they can even prove you have serious mental problems even your GD says your normal.

~Smashlol, Quited EO on 12th feb 2008.
Endless online player: I r l33t h4x0r.
Vult-R: *Gives devil*
by Smashlol February 14, 2008

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