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FCKGW are the first few digits used in one of the first pirated vesions of Windows XP that is now everywere, most likely even used in your copy.
FCKGW-bla bla bla

your copy of windows bla bla
by SmasheD February 15, 2005
Someone who plays Battlefield, and only Battlefield and is really really good at it. Is also good at that game called "Real Life". Chick magnet.
OMGWTFBBQ! that SmasheD dude can pick up chicks and play BF42 at the same time, while looking cool!
by SmasheD March 12, 2005
A sexual position that involves at least one contortionist, a body harness, rubber sheets, a small farm animal, a blow torch, and a double-headed dildo.
Rebel loved engaging in the Alabama crab dangle with his life partner Forkman.
by Smashed February 24, 2003
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