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usually between the ages of 14-18. They are an interesting species. a typical scene kid will claim to love cupcakes, diamonds, hello kitty and basically anything shiny or pink.

Photography is a big thing in a scene kids world. they often write in their 'about me' sections on myspace that they want to be a photographer and prove how good they are at photography by posting pictures they took, usually consisting of an inanimate object (mostly cupcakes) in black and white.

all scene kids strive to be internet famous just like their heroes (Audrey Kitching, Jeffree Star etc) and thrive on being the cause of internet drama and love when people start rumours about them so they can bitch about that person and make bulletins bad mouthing them.

They have a "dont fuck with me" kinda attitude and admit to being shallow and arrogant and always claim to not give a shit of what people think of them when really thats all they care about.

screen names are sacred in the scene kid culture. typical screen names include things such as "CaitlinxChaos" and "SallyxSuicide".

their hobbies include dying and cutting their own hair. most scene kids will have more than one colour in their hair and the style will consist of multi, uneven layers with short choppy layers on top, and long straight hair extensions down the bottom.
scene kid #1: "I plan on making something out of my life. I have a passion for hairstyling/make-up application and as soon as I'm finished high school, I am going to cosmetology school."

scene kid #2: "i dont care about hatemails. they actually amuse me. you don't even know me
to have the right to send me some. don't think you'll get my attention then. you can call me vain.
i'm not."
by SmashMyPumpkin November 10, 2007

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