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1 definition by Smartty

Dontarious; Some one strong and sexy that is not into his own kind but will be willing to try something new .

Dontarious; Usually someone know for good athleticsism and dance skills

Dontarious; A male that attracts the opposite race and can fall into a relationship fast with someone that shows immediatley love,compassion,beauty,rejection,attitude and respect for her ownself and can be trustworthy .

Dontarious; Will usually fight for what he loves and wont let it slip away from him that easily

Dontarious; Someone that usually falls in love with a girl that he kept his eye on for the longest

Dontarious; Always willing to fight for what he loves

Dontarious; Will usually fall in love with a women's name that start's with a ( B )

Dontarious; A male that is specified to contribute his feelings and help his own in need
dontarious funny

dontarious freaky

dontarious corny

dontarious fine

dontarious crazy
by Smartty October 03, 2009