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A man who pays money to wrestle with a woman who is often more muscular and stronger than he is, for sexual gratification, although no overt sexual activity is performed.
"I gotta go. I have a schmoe coming over at 12."
by Smart as Shat January 30, 2009
(chěs'tāsh', chə-stāsh') -noun.

Chest hair on men, which is allowed to grow without shaving at the top of the chest (in any of various shapes), and shaved clean from well above the nipples down to the waistline.

A chestache allows a manly appearance in a partially unbuttoned shirt, but with a cleaner appearance below the chest whilst shirtless.
"I like his chestache, but it sure gives him a weird tan line."

"I love running my fingers through his chestache."

"His handlebar chestache is oddly appealing, but I wonder how much wax it takes to do that"
by Smart as Shat May 25, 2009
n. (mōōn ō'vər mī hām'ē)

Term for pulling one's pants down too far while displaying one's nude buttocks. Doing so will expose the man's genitalia, which hang below the displayed buttocks.
Oh, man, I think I traumatized the cheerleaders. My pants slipped all the way down and I gave them a "Moon Over My Hammy!"
by Smart as Shat February 20, 2009
(MĀN'ə-rĭz'əm) -noun.

A characteristic and often unconscious mode or peculiarity of action, bearing, or treatment which belies or exposes the male-ness of the apparent female one is observing.
"I was talking to a hot chick. When I noticed the MAN-erisms, I realized she wouldn't need a strap-on to ass-fuck me. We got some lube and went home!"
by Smart as Shat June 15, 2009

-n pl

Elite members of society who belong to a conspiratorial organization which attempts to control world affairs. A central tenet of the group is a belief that aliens and/or governmental organizations want to read their minds or control them using electromagnetic "brain-rays," and that such attempts are blocked by covering one's head with aluminum foil.
Why didn't the doctor let us talk about UFOs until we put on tin foil hats? He's one of the Aluminati.
by Smart as Shat September 02, 2010

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