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The cool way to say "QED" whilst not sounding overtly nerdy.
Bob: Dude, you have no idea what you're talking about, Jesus totally ate gummi bears.

Smart Guy V: Well, gummi bears are made from a non-Kosher gelatin. Since Jesus was Jewish and ate Kosher, we can rationally deduce that Jesus did not eat gummi bears. QE-Dizzle.
by Smart Guy V January 15, 2010
To fool someone in thinking that what they thought of, said, or did was cool. Enticing them with a high five, than retracting said high five.

After said retraction of sarcastic high five with accompanying "PSYCH!" it is customary to say, "I just high five psyched you!"
twitard: Dude, I totally saw that new twilight movie! it was awesome!

Smart Guy V: Really? Cool! High five! (raises hand to initiate high five) ... PSYCH! Twilight sucks! I just high five psyched you!
by Smart Guy V July 25, 2010

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