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past tense of the word ask or aks; asked. mainly used to tell stories involving questions.
"...den she akst me to go wit her"
by Smallz February 09, 2005
ghetto fabulous, ridiculously pimp. where chris the crackhead lives.....yo
have you eatin on the town?
by smallz February 19, 2005
St. Mary's College aka SMC aka Summer Camp for big kids. Commonly confused with Mount St. Mary's, but everyone knows we are so much cooler than them. We get to spend our lazy days skipping classes and hanging out down by the river. Pot is at the top of the food pyramid right next to alcohol. Regular attire is a polo, with the collar popped of course! Pleasant, Monks, the point and the Door are always fun spots to chill (watch out for the townies at the bars tho) If its your birthday you better stay clear of the pond. Once you come here you never want to leave. So pop your collar, grab a beer and head down to the docks!!!
common things you will hear screamed across campus....TOOL, GARBAGE, SHITSTACK, WEDGE!!
by smallz April 25, 2005
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