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The wrinkly patch of skin between the nuts
"If I ever got a paper cut in the tweencho, it would really hurt; that's why I always wear underpants while handling paper products."
by Smackdown Lane July 29, 2006
The skin that surrounds a man's testicles
1. "My poncho is soft like a flour tortilla."
2. "Good thing I had a poncho around my boys or they would have fallen out."
by Smackdown Lane July 29, 2006
When two or more men take turns peeing on each other, creating an artistic tableau of arcing urination. Can sometimes be done solo*.
*Note: solo maneuver requires the man have two penises
"On a hot summer day, I like to cool off with a nice white wine spritzer."
by Smackdown Lane July 28, 2006
When you're about to fart, and something extra (and usually liquid) explodes out of the ass.
I was going to light my fart on fire at the party, but a few seconds later everyone got hit by my backfire.
by Smackdown Lane June 19, 2006
A man throbber is essentially just a penis.
I wanted to impress her, so I took out my man throbber, and she gasped . . . repeatedly.
by Smackdown Lane May 13, 2008
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