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the realm one enters on Peyote if they're in the movie Young Guns.
Hey dog Did you see the size of that chicken?
by Sluggo January 13, 2003
the sperm tadpoles found in the males' semen.
If the egg had a tail would it be a giant sea monkey?
by Sluggo January 13, 2003
The punishment for the poor fool who eats the bitch (queen of spades) in a game of hearts.
"Josh got bitched and had to take a shot of sliv"
by sLuGGo December 08, 2003
a small metal tool used to pack down tobacco and clean a briar pipe.
Oh yes that was good cavendish, now to make with the tamp.
by Sluggo January 14, 2003
the salty crumbs at the end of a bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms.
Hey put the Gold dust in the bong and we can squat, toc and see how it pans out.
by Sluggo January 13, 2003
A boss who is a pushover.
LT: Are you going to fire Tammy today?
DH(cupcake): No, I'll give her one more chance.
by Sluggo August 02, 2004
a student who is constantly studying simply for grades or to get into the "right college/grad school", not with passion or for the joy of learning.
geez, that kid is such a gurn.
by sluggo October 21, 2004
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