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Sludge metal (aka Sludge Doom) is a genre of metal that takes inspiration from Doom Metal. Sludge is kind of like the raunchy cousin of Doom. Sludge is very prominent in the South, many of the earliest bands on the scene began there (particularly in New Orleans area) such as Eyehategod. Sludge metal is typically more aggressive than doom, taking inspiration from punk (indeed members of EHG and Down formed Crust punk band Arson Anthem). Lyrical content generally focuses around suffering, drug and alcohol abuse, and politics. Some bands include:
The Melvins
Superjoint Ritual
Rwake (pronounced 'Wake')
And many others. Bands such as The Melvins have been credited to have first touched on and inspired the sludge sound, and Eyehategod is generally credited to have broken the scene open.
Me and my buddies were listening to some music and drinking, and not much is better to drink to than some Sludge metal. So I popped in Eyehategod's album Southern Discomfort followed up by Down's A Bustle In Your Hedgerow, and Crowbar's Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form.
by Sludge Swamp September 29, 2008
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