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2 definitions by Sloxx

During intercourse, both traditional and anal , one or more fingers is inserted into the adjacent orifice. The finger, or fingers are used to massage the head of the penis through the membrane between the rectum and vaginal wall.
First, convince your female partner to try something new. If you're Lucky, she is the one making the suggestions. Then, during sex, stick your fingers in her anus and rub the tip of your penis through the rectum. You are now saluting the admiral. If its the woman's fingers, you are playing Puerto Rican T ball. The latter sex act is a bit more difficult, requiring flexibility and a girlfriend that you should marry.
by Sloxx December 21, 2008
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A condition that effects female astronauts upon entering the upper stratosphere. Under normal circumstances the affliction would be considered a run of the mill yeast infection. A yeast infection is caused by Candida albicans and other bacteria native to a woman's crotch. When these bacteria become too numerous, a vagina will emit foul odors and secretions. The Causes can be STDs, medication, clothing, diet, hormones or injury. In the case of female astronauts it is caused by hygiene and decreased atmospheric pressure. These factors contribute to increased pH and moisture, allowing bacterial colonies to multiply.
When female astronauts began shuttle missions they noticed increased discomfort in the downstairs of their space suit. Male astronauts, whose musky ball stank also did not go unnoticed, began to complain of a new smell. They likened the smell to a bottle of fish oil left ajar. The men eventually figured it out and coined the term Space Poon. So, If you are adapt at Asian cookery, or are at the grocery store, open a bottle of fish oil, take whiff and it will be just like being on the space station.
by Sloxx December 23, 2008
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