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var sp. Quamut. Quamatttt.

1. exclamation. obnoxious interruptory device.
2. adverb. resigned acceptance of a situation.
3. verb. subtle goading of a person.
4. declaration. angry rebuttal, sometimes calling for silence (as in shut up)
5. adjective. an all-purpose word to describe pretty much any state of mind. word meaning varies depending on inflection.
6. noun. Stinky people
7. noun. wack

Prounication: Kwah-mutt.

1. Don't talk about quamats in here. No quamattts allowed.
2. Person 1: I don't really feel like
going out tonight
Person 2: Quamaaaaaat
Person 3: alright, i'll go
3. Girl 1: Boy 1 doesn't know
what he's talking about.
Boy 1: Quamat!
Girl 1: Sorrrry
4. Boy 2: I think the exam is at 8 am
Boy 1: Really?
Boy 2: Yeah, for sure
Boy 3: quamat
5. Boy 1: Shut up.
Boy 2: Quamattt!!!
3. Girl 1: You are both quamat.
by Sloshfinu April 05, 2009
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