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1.The way a penis smells after pooping.
yo nigga look at da smelly as white boy he betta get ride of that b2+i
by Slorehead July 06, 2006
1. A girl with tits that are either spotted like a giraffe or have long necks
2. a pair of tits that are extremely long and saggy
3. the best kind of tits there is
Person 1: Nug want some icecream.
2: HELL NAW BITCH that lil' trick ass looking head man got some Giraffe tits.
1: Dem da best kind niggy
by Slorehead July 06, 2006
(N) DOB MEXICO 1765,
A gun (usally 3-5 in. in diamiter. And 7-19 in. long) wich fires live rounds of tacos (taco salad may be used in newer versions). It has many shot prefrences like skattered shot in wich diahreea also may come out. Also there is full round burst and semi auto.
2. Retards say it
yo esay that trick be havin a bomb ass taco gun in her glove conpartment
2. I like taco gun for eat head
by slorehead July 06, 2006

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