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Grrr... These chavs giving definitions of things they simply will never understand...

Grungers are not adhereing to a uniform, it is just the clothing we like. And quicksilver bags? Isnt that a brand? I as a grunger refuse to wear brands. I wear Jeans coz they are comfy and a nirvana/kurt cobain top becoz they are my second fav band and i cant b bothered to buy a machinae supremacy shirt online. I would wear other band tops if i had the money to buy them.

Another thing Nirvana isnt the only grunge band. Kurt himself hated the word grunge and called his band alternative Rock. For example there are another 3 that make up the big 4 and plenty more.

So for all you ignoramouses out there i cordially invite you to fuck yourselves

Sorry this is just a rant but i think i have included a definition in here somewhere

P.S. i cant spell, but i spell better than a chav :)
Chav: luk @ ma 50 cent album blud. I is well ard bruv. Oi u grungers scum, your mum!

Somebody with an iq higher than a boiled egg: Shut up u fucking chav, go and listen to some decent music and get an education
by Slogankid1 August 12, 2006

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