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A word closely resembling the term "psychopath", with an added twist- the person is sick, or disturbed to an extensive degree.
Girl 1: Did you hear that guy breathing outside the window?
Girl 2: Yeah.... It must have been some sickopath.
by Slobber Pirate December 28, 2009
This term relates to the feeling of complete and total relaxation one receives when playing in center field on a baseball team. In center field, one is the farthest away from the diamond, allowing for total isolation.
Coach: What is Roger doing out there? He looks like he's meditating!
Steve: Oh, don't worry Coach. He's going under Zenterfield.
by Slobber Pirate December 28, 2009
1. A restaurant whose usual patrons tend to be larger individuals, often times being large buffets that provide for unending plates food.

2. Someone who is large in stature, is wider or obese, but tends to have a larger muscle mass. Derived from "Buff and Fat."
Jim: Did you see the buffat guy at the restaurant?

Jen: Yeah, he was big. But this restaurant was more like a buffat!
by Slobber Pirate January 03, 2010
The condition of a person who is sulky, tends to mope around, and hangs around in bars. This person will drink until they can't feel, or simply fall asleep at the table.
Bartender: Oh man..... Jim is back.
Patron: What's wrong with Jim?
Bartender: Oh, he's a sulkaholic. He stinks up the place.
by Slobber Pirate December 28, 2009

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