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Busey's Pucies is the increasingly popular colloquialism found in the mid-south for dried, caked condiment (e.g. mustard) around the rim of the bottle, generally found at a low end breakfast joint.
Oh god! Switch that mustard out with one from a different table. That is some festering Busey's Pucies growing on there--I don't want to look at it, but I guess that's the price you pay for eating at waffle house.
by Sloan't August 22, 2010
When you get acne in or on your chin(s).
Damn, this chincne is really blossoming.
by Sloan't August 20, 2010
To be 'sparrow' is to try to behave in a manner similar to that of the character Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

See also: random
She makes all those broad hand-gestures, pretends to be dreamy, and tries to say things in a bizarre and vague way. She's fucking sparrow and you know it.
by Sloan't June 29, 2010

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