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Two guys who have made several movies which all have the same plot, except the Corsican Brothers.
"I saw a Cheech and Chong movie this weekend."
"Which one?"
"Does it matter?"
by Slink June 16, 2004
Original name for a party which takes place overnight, and all the gamers stay up all night playing video games. (note, the game system does not have to be a gamecube)
Dude, at my 24 hour gamecubeathon, only Alex, Anthony and I managed to stay awake. Andy, Sam, and Tanner fell asleep... while Cullen didn't even make it.
by Slink June 15, 2004
1. Dildo used by a gorilla
2. insult used against a friend when it's 3:00 a.m. and no one is thinking straight
1. Are you high? Gorillas don't use dildos...
2. (while playing Halo or other FPS) Dude, that was my kill, you gorildo!!!
by Slink June 15, 2004
anyone that pratices any form of christianity
what a dumbass-xian, they actually believe god exists :))
by slink January 27, 2005
Supernatural forces involved in every living or nonliving thing on the planet. Magic is used by witches, or wicca, an earth-based religion that focuses on being one with the God and the Goddess and treating everyone equally and kindly.
I got this pendant from that new-age store, and I think I'm going to do some rune-magic on it...
by Slink June 16, 2004

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