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The arch created with ones urine,(from the penis to landing area)when one has a boner/morning glory/ blue vein throber whilst urninting.
the "urinarch" is usually created by the male standing a mile from the toilet dirrecting the flow from the erected penis to hit the porcelain of the toilet.
by Slim and Gee Production March 30, 2011
Something that strikes a chord in someone's thinking, creating a obsession of "enlightenment" and stimulation in knowledge, and gets obsessed in his/her thought pattern until his / her thought/idea wears off or the thought gets put into action.
John: Hey, have you seen that recent philosophical discussion between XXX and YYY on YouTube?

Peter: Yeah, it was so good it gave me a blue vain brain boner.
by Slim and Gee Production March 29, 2011
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