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noun:The person that is responsible for screwing you over;A person that will ask you to do something shady then leave you to deal with the outcome on your own.

Person who will ruin your dreams aka turd in the punch bowl.

also see: kunselnated
Ah shit lastnight i got kunselnated and i just know when the kunselanator shows up this morning im gonna get it again.

Dude sam the kunselanator made me move that DTU in 829 and now doesnt want anything to do with it because it was illegal maintenance according to the FAA, i got kunselnated !!!

HAHA you got kunselnated by the kunselanator!
by Slim Giggles September 09, 2006
"Spanish Iraq Slang"
Jive motherfucker, or Jive Turkey. Can be both good and bad depending on the delivery
Yo Cabrero whats going on?

You motherfucking Cabrero!
by Slim Giggles September 09, 2006
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